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Data Insights for Non-Data Analysts (Virtual)

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Elevate your expertise with "Data Insights for Non-Data Analysts," a specialised one-day online workshop designed for professionals in the Australian higher education sector.

This essential training is tailored to meet the growing demand for non-technical staff to harness data insights, driving better decision-making and fostering innovation within their roles.

During this transformative workshop, you will be equipped with the essential tools, techniques, and mindset needed to formulate data inquiries and address business challenges effectively. The journey begins with a comprehensive introduction to the basics of data: its definition, significance in the business landscape, sources, and strategies for setting data-driven goals.

You will then delve into the data analytics pipeline, gaining hands-on experience in recognising the need for data, articulating your requirements, and crafting actionable insights. The course emphasises the power of data storytelling, enabling you to convey findings in a compelling manner that drives impact.

By the conclusion of this workshop, you will possess a robust set of data insight capabilities, empowering you to enhance decision-making processes, boost business outcomes, unearth new opportunities, and tackle challenges with confidence.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Grasp the critical role of data in today's professional environment, along with an understanding of key concepts, terminology, and tools.
  • Determine specific data needs for your business and establish clear data objectives.
  • Develop effective data queries to communicate your data needs precisely.
  • Acquire the skills to transform data into meaningful insights.
  • Master storytelling techniques to effectively present your data-driven findings.

Embark on a journey to demystify data and become an invaluable asset to your organisation with the skills to influence through informed decisions. Join us in "Data Insights for Non-Data Analysts" and unlock the potential of data in your professional role.

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Virtual Via Microsoft Teams

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