Helping our members stay at the cutting edge
AHEIA organises regular events for members at both national and State levels, to keep members informed about key industrial relations issues, provide professional and personal development opportunities, facilitate input into the management of their Association and most importantly to provide members with networking opportunities.

AHEIA’s Annual Conference
AHEIA holds an annual 2 day conference open to members and non-members, usually in May of each year, and in a different city each year. Each conference takes a particular employee relations theme and speakers from within and outside the sector present on topics related to the theme.

AHEIA’s Annual Benchmarking Conference
The AHEIA Benchmarking Conference aims to facilitate discussion on current HR leadership and organisational development trends and challenges facing the Higher Education sector, driving long-term employee performance and engagement. 

AHEIA Topical Forums
AHEIA holds irregular Forums on matters of interest to members, as needs are identified but usually around the topic of enterprise bargaining and sometimes around other themes such as Offshore Employment.

AHEIA Human Resource Directors Forums
HR Directors meetings provide an opportunity for participants to meet to discuss employment-related issues of importance that have sector-wide significance. AHEIA currently organizes and hosts the Directors meetings twice yearly, in conjunction with other major events at which our members will be present.

The primary purpose of the meetings is to provide an opportunity for individual institutions to submit and discuss agenda items about issues they consider important, or of interest, in order to pose questions, receive feedback and/or have a general discussion amongst peers.

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