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As the industry association for Australian higher education, AHEIA has an unwavering commitment to excellence for our sector.

AHEIA takes pride in its role as a dedicated partner in the growth and evolution of higher education institutions. Central to our mission is the design and delivery of capability uplift programs, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of this esteemed sector. In an era of rapid transformation and innovation, AHEIA's expertise in understanding the nuanced requirements of higher education ensures that our programs empower institutions and professionals to not just keep pace but to lead the way in shaping the future of Australian higher education.

"I really enjoyed the training. It's a good sign that I would want an extra two hours."

- AHEIA training participant

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AHEIA Learning Pathways

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AHEIA offers four distinct pathways to deliver strategic capability uplift.

At AHEIA, our commitment to effective training and competency upskilling extends beyond mere content delivery—it encompasses the recognition that learners are diverse in their needs, preferences, and schedules.

This understanding forms the cornerstone of our approach to training, which is why we offer a range of different modalities.

All of the programs below can be delivered for teams with content contextualised for the specific university. Options for live virtual workshops are also available throughout each year and our on-demand and blended offering is currently in development.

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Workplace Relations

Workplace Relations Fundamentals

Enterprise Bargaining Essentials

Workplace Investigations Essentials

Conflict Mitigation and Triaging Complaints*

Drafting Allegations*

Conducting Interviews and Gathering Evidence*

Analysing evidence and preparing Reports*

* These modules are broken out from Workplace Investigations and offered as individual modules.

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People and Culture

Managing Very Difficult Workplace Behaviour

Performance Management

Difficult Conversations

Coaching Essentials

Psycho-Social First Aid

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Management and Leadership

New Manager

Influential Leadership

Manage Team Effectiveness

Workplace Relations for Team Leaders

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Business and Technology

Design Thinking

User Experience (UX)

Journey Mapping

Data Insights for Non Data Analysts

Data Visualisation for Non Data Analysts

AI Essentials

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Team Training

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In modern organisations, teams, rather than individuals, are the essential units of learning. This concept is particularly crucial in the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education, where collaborative skills and technological agility are key.

Our team training approach is designed to leverage the unique dynamics of group learning. It not only enhances individual skillsets but also fosters a synergistic environment where the sum of the team's abilities far exceeds those of its individual members.

By training teams, we not only aim to improve individual competencies but also strive to cultivate a culture of collaborative excellence, driving innovation and effectiveness in the higher education sector.

All AHEIA’s programs are also available to be delivered virtually or on campus for your team. By utilising team training, you can also benefit from cost savings and great customisation of content to meet your specific capability uplift goals. The best way to explore your options is to book a video call to discuss the details. Alternatively you can email us with a request.